Shaun Sinclair

Shaun Sinclair is the author of King Reece, Blood Ties, Street Rap, Skin Deep 1, Skin Deep 2, Skin Deep 3, Forbidden, Sex Mogul (Vol. 1-3), and the forthcoming, Dirty Music, scheduled for release in August of 2020 by Kensington/Dafina Publishing Corp. He has published stories in the domestic abuse anthology, Damaged Goods, and the anthology, Sex Therapy.

Mr. Sinclair is the creator of Gangsterotica, a sub-genre of books that seamlessly blend Crime Fiction with Erotica. A native of Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, he often incorporates his own life experiences into his storytelling, having been heavily involved in the independent music scene from the ages of 14-21 - touring internationally and opening for some of the biggest names in hip-hop - while simultaneously being entrenched in street culture. An Army veteran, he has also worked as a Law Clerk for nearly a decade. He uses his experience as a law clerk to make his crime stories pop with authenticity.

Mr. Sinclair is the founder and owner of the Pen 2 Pen Publishing Firm (, an author services company that assists aspiring authors in bringing their manuscripts to print. Pen 2 Pen Publishing is home of the 90-day Publisher's Package, where authors' manuscripts are brought to market in 90 days (or less). His company's motto, "Putting Power into the Pen" is also its mission statement, as Mr. Sinclair rediscovered his gift of penmanship while incarcerated. He strives to use his success as motivation for others to triumph over adversity, and regularly mentors youth about the importance of making the right decisions. He also gives back to his community through the Sinclair Literary Scholarship, a scholarship fund that awards worthy high school seniors for literary achievement.

Mr. Sinclair is the Editor-in-Chief of Respected Roots Magazine, a magazine for men to progress the culture. He is also a contributor to the legendary Urban Lifestyle Magazine, Don Diva ( The father of two wonderful sons lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Connect with Shaun Sinclair on Twitter and Instagram @IamShaunSinclair