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                                                                                      Attack On Black Masculinity

There’s a war going on outside that no one is safe from ... Turn on your television and you will see the casualties – Black men’s faces plastered across the screen, charged with yet another crime. Young Black men singing or rapping their latest songs in clothing clearly made for women. (A man shouldn’t have to shimmy to get dressed.) You don’t have to look far to see the assaults – articles proclaiming that straight Black men are the new White men. A phalanx of Black male announcers, reporters, and emcees that are undeniably gay. More glaringly, there is a strong underrepresentation of straight, black men in everyday life. On the surface this absence may seem innocent and harmless. However, the impact of this absence is calculated, and has far-reaching implications.

Dating back before the War on Drugs, there has been documented evidence of the government’s plot to remove the Black man from the Black family, and the community at large.  With the Black man being removed from the family, it would set an open path for control of the minds of the women and children. Without a strong man to guide the family, the women and children can be devoured by whatever plot the architects of the dominant society cook up. Without a backbone in the home, women and children can gently be led toward perversion. (Perversion is anything altered from its natural state). Fast forward a generation and you can see the results of this plot.

Incarceration is at an all-time high. Homosexuality is rampant. Androgyny (blending of the male and female sexes) is the fashion trend of the day. The HIV rate is at epidemic proportions. Strippers are the new “doctors.” Gangs are surrogate families. Felonies are badges of honor. And our women are being exploited damn near worse than our slave ancestors.

Taking an honest assessment, we can see our situation is dire. The only way to fix it is to be brutally honest and determine from whence the assault on Black Masculinity is coming from. Who has the most to gain from the elimination of Black Masculinity? Who benefits most from not having strong Black males around?

Fact: In order for something or someone to be superior, something or someone has to be inferior.

It stands to reason that the "Dominant" Society is predicated on Black Inferiority. Simply put, the way this society is set up, in order for one group of people to rule, then another group must serve. Historically speaking, in this country, Blacks have been the servant class. Taking this into account, then it is easy to see why there is an assault on Black Masculinity. If Black men are tricked (or forced) out of their position as leaders, then they are not a threat to the "Dominant" Society. How can we teach men to be men if we’re taking on the persona of a woman? (Wearing high heels, skinny jeans, and dresses. Gossiping like females.) How can we teach the children in our homes and communities if we don’t have anything to say? (Mumble rap anyone?) How can we be heads of our households if we are not there? (The school to prison pipeline.) How can we be maintainers and providers if we don’t have a viable income? (The Black unemployment rate.) How can we enter into harmonious partnerships if our women don’t cherish and respect us? (Swirling; Hit pieces in popular magazines.) To be clear, this is NOT a piece that is passing judgment on ANYONE who chooses to live an alternative lifestyle. Rather, this is an honest assessment of the culture and the ramifications of our actions.

We are not automatons, so we don’t have to be victim to this attack. We have the strength, ability, knowledge, and wisdom to combat this, and persevere. However, we must first understand there is an attack on us and why. So, if you haven’t heard, let me be the first to inform you: There is a war going on outside that no man is safe from. Now, what are we going to do about it ?